Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome Aboard!

For those of you who are interested, I have started a knitter's group on Ravelry called Welcome Aboard! This group is for knitters who are military brats. Did you move every three to four years? Who are you and where do (did) you live? Share your memories and knitting…

My father is a retired naval commander. I grew up in Florida, Virginia, Rhode Island, Maryland, Hawaii, Azores, Italy, Spain and Germany; and went to three high schools in Maryland, the Azores and Spain.

I tried to learn to knit overseas from books with no luck. With the discovery of knitting on the internet (videos), continental knitting, and circular needles I have finally arrived! It took me close to thirty years. I knew I’d love knitting!

Naturally, military moms are honorary members of this group.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Merribee Needlearts


Support your local yarn stores. Here's another in Houston, Texas.


sock, knitting

Time to celebrate with champagne and strawberries. I'm knitting my first sock, and on circulars!

knitting, sock

My Teacher, Terri.

knitting, sock
knitting, sock

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Project 12 - Wavy


The pattern, Wavy, can be found at Be sure to make a chart on this one, otherwise it could be hard to follow.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ravelry & Yarn Stash

I received an invite from Ravelry and set myself up as ReneeR. Great!

Now it's time to log my needles and stash. This should take a long time - so call me Sisyphus today. Logging and itemizing is not the tough part... it's getting across the room to touch the yarn and record it! My family seems to think my sewing/quilting/knitting room is not My Room, but the only drop zone in the house for homeless items destined for charity donation. I can't list the things, that have Nothing-To-Do-With-My-Hobby, sitting on the floor instead of the trunk of my husband's, my teenager's, my car, ready to go to a new home. That list would take more time than my stash's.

Yesterday, a group of us discussed our inventories:
  1. Who had the largest stash.
    I nominate this woman.

    I wish she would adopt me!!!
    See more at Word's Biggest Stash.
  2. How to hide yarn from your husband.
    One woman was caught hiding hers in a rental unit. (He probably found the bill and investigated.)
  3. What hubby thought about so much yarn.
    (I'm safe as you can see by pics of my husband's hobbies.)

  4. dobro
  5. And...what constituted "too much."
  6. (by UFO?)
And here's my honey playing his new toy, the dobro he made. Turn the volume on and listen to the Texas Moonbeam Waltz. YeHa!