Sunday, February 11, 2007

Building A Yarn Stash

Building a stash is a hard thing to do for a beginner -- mostly a matter of what & where. What type of yarn do I buy & how much? Where do I go?

When a friend mentioned a yarn sale in Spring, TX; she could have told me we would visit the dark side of the moon -- Greater Houston covers Such A Large Geographic Area.

I made plans the night before. I knew I wouldn't go That Far Away For Yarn anytime soon. OK, which patterns do I add to my list? OK, calculate the yardage sizing, add the pattern name and yarn weight/stitches per inches. Armed with a shopping list of Multiple projects -- you never know what you'll find -- we went, we saw, we stockpiled.

Why, oh, why is the number of available skeins just one short of the pattern requirement? I went through four yarn choices (each short one) for the Oat Couture Celtic Cardigan alone. The lime/teal yarn combo above is the Santa Fe Shawl for my mother-in-law. The coral/lime/pink yarn is for my husband's grandmother.

So, an all day trip to Twisted Yarns and also the Hen House netted my first yarn stash for 2 shawls and 4 sweaters! Since I have always bought end-of-season for the following year, it made sense to do the same with yarn -- especially since it will take that long to knit for Christmas!


Yarngineer said...

Oh, my friend, stashes come with time. What happens is you start off conservatively, only buying what you can make in the near future. Then next thing you know, you just start buying what you would like to do, give as future gifts or new yarns to try. Then all of a sudden, you have a huge stash on your hands!

kat said...

a lot of times a yarn is on sale because they can't or won't get it anymore which might be way you found things were just short of a project.

Twisted Knitter said...

How serendipitous! I think I helped you at Twisted Yarns. :-)

Renee said...

Dear Twisted Knitter,
I've only visited once, but it seemed that Twisted Yarns gives exceptional customer service. You'll were extremely busy that day - I've never seen so many knitters in one store at one time. That you for your assistance...I've already started the Santa Fe Shawl. Happy Knitting! Renee