Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Knitting To-Do's

2007: Finish UFO’s, samplers/swatching, lace (scarf), socks, entrelec dishcloth, small EZ almanac project, fairisle (hat), Shadow knitting (scarf), raglan sweater, Abigail's dishcloth

2006: My Second Sweater, Cables, Diagonal knitting

2005: Teach Myself to Knit, Knit in the Round, Felting, My First Sweater

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Cynder said...

Hey Rene. I'm answereing a question you left on my blog, and since I havn't figured out how to actually e-mail people who leave a commit. As far as I know the patteren is one that AS came up for her book, but some of the Stichonaries that deal with cablework might have something simular.