Saturday, January 20, 2007

Project 8 - Newborn Sweater

Another sweater without buttons... hmm... do I see a pattern here? I've placed it on my first baby quilt which is still unfinished -- the piecing was fun, but the stippling wasn't.

My neighbor, Carole, knit the blue one below. Isn't it cute? I wanted to show that the same pattern knit in different yarns produced disparate results. Cool!

Pattern - Baby Bolero
Source - Oneskein by Leigh Radford
Yarns - Red Heart, 100% acrylic for baby burp and an unknown fuzzy for the border
Learnings - One piece knitting for body, picking up stitches for border and lastly, if you're picking up stitches for a border feel free to add/subtract stiches to enchance your sweater. On the purple sweater, I followed the pattern which caused the sweater to pucker . I should have added more multiples for the ribbing.

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